2 Years of Design at Microsoft

It’s been two years since I began my journey at Microsoft. It’s wild to think that the vast majority of the work shipped during my tenure has been under the shadow of COVID-19.

My brief visits to the Redmond Microsoft campus (as I call it, the Mothership) seem like a long past dream. Most of our team members are now well acclimated to working remotely. And even more are making major updates to their work-life setups to support extended work from home. Moving out of state, renovating homes and building additions for offices. It’s indicative of a transition that has been happening for some time, accelerated by the state of the world.

My time here has afforded me the opportunity to design successful product launches and begin the transition of our team from a Redmond-centric culture to one that is truly remote first.

It’s been a fun ride so far.