This has been a long time coming.

I finally had the time to refresh my personal domain, the culmination of three years of thought and reflection on what I needed to showcase on the web. I initially began this journey assuming I’d need all the glorious components of a standard designer website; custom portfolio, a miraculous about page, and some catchy homepage tagline. Oh, and throw on some widgets like a twitter feed and integrate some parallax and it would be ballin’.

But through all of my design revisions this never felt right. It never felt like me.

The majority of my professional career information can be found on LinkedIn, or the custom made resume I submitted to Universal Mind. My work is viewable on Dribbble, and if I need to showcase a project I would take the time to art direct and craft it to be a unique experience for the project, much like Fi does on their project showcases.

This begged the question, “What should have on it? Is it a portfolio? Is it an about page?” ~ the answer was neither of these.


The Solution

My personal website is a reflection of my thought processes, an archive of my professional and personal journey through life.

I am lucky enough to work at a company that values individuals whose lifestyles are geared toward the constant pursuit of excellence in design, communication, and technology. It will be my goal to share my thoughts and reflections on those people, places, and things that shape my cognitive thought. I will also take time to document the experiences in my life that help define me, or explore issues or projects that I find genuinely interesting.